Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Picture Speaks a thousand words

I cant take it anymore!!!
Life's so hard without a camera. So many things happened in the past month. But i cant have any record of them,just because my camera was spoiled. I
cant take any picture of anything. This make me wanna cry every time.Finally, i decided to take my camera for repair. I purposely went all the way to the Olympus Service Center at Langham Place,Mongkok one afternoon(till i m late for my class) to repair my camera.

Langham Place, a building with "middle-end" shopping center and offices in it. A place for me to go toilet in Mongkok.

After inspection, the technician said it will cost me bloody HKD900 to repair coz it involve changing lenses. what the...$900??!!!Do you know i can buy a new camera with that price???(although not very good 1 la) In the end,i tell him no thank you and left.

I am so so so depress that i cant take photos..haha..then i decide to get myself a new one!!!

A Samsung L730 which cost me HKD1250. i choose black out of 3 colours(silver, black and red.) and i m loving it..I have no idea how to describe the features of a camera, so i just copy from Samsung's website

~ 7.2 mega pixels
~3x optical zoom
~Face recognization AF&AE
~2.5" Intelligent LCD brightness
~Red-eye Fix
~ASR(Advanced Shake Reduction)
~High sensitivity ISO 1600 support
~Convenient mode dial

I am happy with my choice. I am happy I am able to raise a lot of question to the the sales assistant and in the end i found a camera that suits quite a lot of my requirements. I am happy I am able to buy a digital product on my own (who say girl must be accompany by a boy when we were to buy some high tech thing, even the sales person who serve me is a pretty girl le).

please wait for me to take many many pictures and tell you what is actually happening around me..So sayang if i dun take pictures,right??the same things won't always happen second time.So i have to capture down all the important moments i've been through. Furthermore, picture speaks a thousands words. showing u a picture is much more better than i describe till i run out of words,u know la,my engerish not very good de ma, sometimes i explain liao u also dunno what i am trying to say la..

so,wait for my photos...now show u three 1st la..cant wait to take pictures on my way back..hehe

Mongkok MTR station

Weekly Sharing Session of my wing.this week an exchange student from New Zealand talk about his country.
he show us photos of food in New Zealand.


  1. Yor...buy new camera wor...

    I have one here that i rarely use...somehow i just got bored of taking pictures...and the fact that i dun have any mood to socialise nor be nice to people anymore...somehow life just seems dull and lethargic.

    Good lo...at least ur blog now will sound more interesting...the NZ guy lengchai anot? Beta dun let the SoloChan in S'pore worry wor...

  2. ok la,blame me for those uninteresting blogs lo..sometimes dunno how to tell without pictures ma...

    the new zealand guy ma..later i post photo again la..u decide whether he leng zai anot la..keke..


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