Wednesday, March 5, 2008

things to do when you are suppose to study

Please dun put Len Foong and me into a same group,and dun make us do the same part even if we ask for it.understand people??

this is what we did when we are suppose to prepare for our presentation.

hmm,len foong,u r suppose to prepare for the presentation..what are u doing??? Hmm..what??comics???

ok lo,i am not very good also la,if not,where does this post come from ar,i am typing when we are suppose to do discussion lo..keke

camwhoring when we are suppose to study =p

no matter what,we are still better than someone:

camwhore mai camwhore lo,dun post like this ma,adui
ok la,enough of bimbo-ing..2photos are least we know how to control ourselves..its time to go back to serious work..hihi..presentation on thursday ar!!!

ps:i think this is the 1st time ever i appear in my blog..hihi..

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