Monday, March 17, 2008

Attention Boys:Signs that She Loves You!!!

hanging around on-line do let me find something nice..

i dun remember how i linked to the geek goddess blog,but i do agree with one of her post.

here is it

Her title says "things a girl will not admit to", but apology to her 1st,i m going to agree on what she said and going to admit it..

1)She is interested in your life (not just your bank account)
yes. she will want to knows everything that ever happen in you life,especially the past.because she want to be part of your life to. She will try to get any information about you with any ways she can, she'll go teh people, go manja people, go threaten matter how,she will want to know as much as she can..

2)She likes your friends/family and wants to "hang" with them
yes.this are people in your life and is nice to be with people in your life. She have to love everyone around you also ma, so that she can have a easy life..hehe..There is this saying "Birds of the same feather flock together" She can know more about you through your friend also ma..

3)She tells you how wonderful you are
If not, also wun love you la..who wants to go love someone who you think is lousy wor...

4)She cares about what you think and wants your opinion
Yup, she thinks you are good, that's y she ask opinion from you, guys must give proper suggestions ok??if not,u won't know how u'll ruin a girl's life..

5)She isn't ashamed of you
she think you are the best,and wants to show off the best thing she had.

6)She gets upset when you say the most insignificant things
agree.girls will get sad on tiny matters where no guys will remember,girls will remember every word a guy say.every word counts. guys please bear in mind : girls do think alot. If u wants to avoid unwanted arguments and misunderstanding, watch what you say.

7)She takes care of you(and your shrinking wallet)
She wants you to be in the fittest and healthiest condition.she will do anything to make sure this.

8)She's happy around you
Having you around is the greatest thing on earth.

what else i need to say..

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  1. Hmm...interesting post...

    I will answer your query on what i think influences a guy's mindset on your claims:

    1) D'oh!
    Actually this one no need to say lar..remember the last time u nudge me just to know about J's de gossip de meh? Force me to say summore wor...sob...never been bullied that hard in life lo...haiz...have to betray my bro lidat...tsk tsk...manja wor...blek

    2)Erm...this one abit scary lo... imagine somebody u dun like everyday come to your house and then bodek ur mom and family members...i heard of a similiar case where the mom kena bodek until force her son marry that girl wor...u say leh?? If the girl is who u like then i dun think that is a bad thing...but otherwise...erm...kinda "kikshou" lo

    3)This method isn't accurate, usually anyone who is asking for a favour would say that just to bodek someone lo...somebody also did that rite? Hehehehe :p

    4)Hmm...this one same same lo...u say girls take ppl de opinion carefully, guys not meh? U think we don't listen to these things as well? Actually i dun think i can tolerate if i am criticized by somebody i's 100000x more shameful and 100000x better if she praises u...see my point? Of course i would give u good de suggestions...dunno u got listen anot only...

    5)Hmm dunno...never had that xp...but i dun wanna be shown around like a trophy lo...neither would i do the same thing to anyone as 'nough said

    6)="= same la...u think i don't care? i take words very seriously...that is why i sometimes remember things that ppl don't remember...maybe that is why i am so good with history la...dunno la...but i dun think there's any difference with that... i think anybody would be annoyed by wrong things said by their loved can understand, and u girls also dun luan luan say stuff statement can really hurt somebody...u don't do, i don't do that, ok?

    7) It's normal to pamper someone u like and sometimes we do go overboard...why not? How long do u think we have before everything ends in a blink of an eye? We're making most of what time we have and make the most out of it...u never know how much time u have left...i agree about moderation, but see to it as a little hint about how much someone values u as a person. Besides, being on the receiving end is always pleasant...

    Haha...copy me wor...bler!


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