Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Any Leng Lui Around???

my boy friends like to ask me this question:
Hong Kong got leng lui ma???

ah boys ar..u know ar..this question veli difficult to answer de le..(its better u ask me got leng chai anot ma) but i'll give you the answer since you ask for it :
Of coz everywhere also got leng lui la..
but hor, i m such a clever girl,i know actually this answer will not satisfy any of you guys
so to add on to the answer,
HK girls are good at dressing up..they are good at putting a lot of Nippon paint on their face..haha..
further more:
I know some leng lui also la..next time when you come HK and find me,i help to introduce lo.

Believe me, there are a lot of leng luis in Malaysia also..open your eyes big big la..i m sure you can find de..

ps:to be honest la, i spot quite a number of leng lui in my Uni also..n i got to know some leng lui also..hoho..u guys fast fast come HK lo..remember to bring me some maggie goreng and Ipoh White Coffee ar..
terima kasih banyak banyak


  1. Great post, great blog. Enjoyed browsing your blog.
    ^.^ hehe

  2. -_______________________________-

    Wat la u...lidat also can post our conversation on9...grrrr...

    If back here got lenglui leh then i sure no need to ask u HK de lor...btw my fren said that HK girls not nice wor...make one post to rebutt his claims la...then i will show it to him...yay yay!!

  3. takemoto: haha..not only u who ask this question la..
    hmm..let me go observe more 1st la..someday...


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