Monday, March 17, 2008

A Small Small World

walau..2nd surprise for the night..

We used to sing the song "A Small Small World" when we are small. But how small the world is?? Anyone measured???

Just now i was watching The Malaysian Dreamgirl(erm, when i suppose to study), then there was this orange thing come blink blink on my screen. A friend i knew when i went on the Taiwan Trip in 2005 come talk to me..I was very surprise why suddenly he come and talk to me cause i din talk to him for a very long time since then..hehe..paiseh la..

This friend start to say he miss me alot la..then ask me whether i remember him anot la..then he say he is Mushroom..its so fine when someone who didn't see me for so long time to miss me,but the problem is i dun remember he got anything to do with Mushroom.I keep recalling my memory back to 2005 and try to recall any incident with mushroom in our trip.In the mushroom incident throughout the whole trip..kikshou,then who is this guy??A prank??Or some viruses???

I do know a guy whose nickname is Mushroom back in my high school days. but the two of them cant be anyhow related to each other de ma..1 is from Muar, another is from Ipoh...unless they are relatives..things are so so confusing..then i tell him i dun remember mushroom but i do remember him(the guy i know from trip).
Finally, this guy reveal that he's the Mushroom i know from my school(luckily not virus)...he n my another friend is taking the same course now in a college and happen to be Mahjong kaki too..
Later on, its revealed that m$y fren(from trip) is the classmate of a Malaysian girl who is now studying in HK PolyU. I know this girl through another friend i know in USM. He help us to exchange contact when he know that i am going to HK.

haha..can u see how small is the world???people is related to people in some way that u can never imagine.these guys really surprise me..make the sleepy me wake up excited now..woohoo..

night that full of surprises..haha..

ps:its nice to get to contact my school mate again..

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