Sunday, November 4, 2007

follow you heart???

YUI commented on my last post on boys and girls..his post was so long that it just simply look like a blog post,so i think i should post up this comment n let everyone read about it..let me talk more on this..
ok,this is YUI's comment:

You made me sound like I'm not over

OK, here comes rebuttals...ready?

Oops, started.

1. Majority of girls have this fantasy of getting their right prince...and yet the prince they want diverges far from what they want in the 1st place...that doesn't explain the limit or range of the males they prefer...why is it in the negative domain when there is a modulus sign? Dun tell me u add a negative in front of the modulus...sure tampar
ok, so my point is...there a new movie called, Shrek, that puts ogres in the good side and the Prince Charming as an obnoxious, vain, narcissist. In fact, i don't hate it, but my point is to potray a more reasonable domain rather than put imaginary numbers just to fit the equations...equally, set more realistic choices, nobody would blame you if u say u like hardcore men, rather than fantasise on princes who in real life look like orgres and act like them...

2. Lets face matter what explaination you use, IT HURTS.
Doesn't mean that u said you're a good guy, that guy will feel any better. I rather be ripped to pieces on the spot than be put down softly by lies and deceit. It really is a stupid notion to even think of saying that word...ask any guy who got that nice guy treatment...they will tell u the very same thing...IT HURTS MORE... and that reasons out why we will say, if we are that good, why not pick us? In fact, there is no y-intersection for just forget it and be honest...if he's hairy, say so, if he's ugly, say so. I think hate with dissapointment works better than being nice, and then make that guy pine for u coz since you've shown kindness...and kindness and dissapointment creates a craving...

3. OK, arguing on the third point...the part where the guy wanna do is to sit there with his spouse is totally agreeable...and yet, women would choose such stupid men who cannot snap out of his senses to the fact that he needs to feed his family?? I rather be with a man who wouold love me, and feed me, take care of me, rather than one who would look at me all they until one day, he'll feel so damn hungry that he'll eat me up...doesn't make sense at all...

4. Falling with your heart is not a crime..its just an increasing exponential function...and this is what happens with it...fallen angels...i really hate to make examples in real life...u know there's a guy in our school that had two gfs, threw one away in S'pore, and got another one that was my classmate? Men like that are a good riddance to them... and yet both of them fall for it... and i think one of them lost more than her heart...and don't get me started on the one that u know best... i did warn them about the risk of being with those men... and the functions performed exactly on the range i predicted... im not proud of my predictions...i rather wish they got better men and had better lives...even if it was not me... these are examples of women who follow hearts blindly...Since u know they are rotten, why be with them? Since u know all they have is just a sweet tongue...why the hell go with them and let them humiliate u on the spot? Dun tell me you think you'll change them...they know very well that is why it still comes possible...and they will do whatever within your range untill, they got what they want...In fact,it's none of my business...i know...but look at the price they paid...who had the last laugh?

Look, im not here to laugh at stupidity of women, or men... its just a very simple fact that women have to realise, and practise more realistic, and really, consider all options before settling...don't settle at all if you can't get won't die without could kill yourself if u got hurt by these useless men...and people who care for you would hurt with more amplification...and all they can do is sit and watch.

PS. Now since i've presented my case, let me do some minor adjustments...

1. I would like to apologize for any slander made and any images scathered...i only said what i know and what happened...if it is not happy to apologize and take the offensive part off....

2. I'm sorry to all women in this text... there is no fault in this... but the regularness of women repeating the same mistakes is annoying... what i am advising is for you all is to be as individuals and change yourselves, even if there is more women out there who don't listen and keep doing so. It takes time to change,and by changing, you're not only avoiding it yourself, but help others and i mean future generations avoid it...i really hate to see girls get hurt... especially those i care the most...

3. I'm sorry personally to you, i am hitting hard to someone u regard highly of... but not to me...i maintain the fact that this person is not of any worth at all to me...lesser of an animal, less more than a parasite...if you feel that this is something u cannot accept, u can happily kick me i've maintained...neither lives while the other survives...

I'm sorry. But that is the fact.

With that, i rest my case.

PPS. Now, you've really made me not get over now its my turn to write..

1. I dun really understand why the girls set those unreachable target from the start..that's why i said the reason maybe probably many people have been poisoned by can say Disney did a very good job branding itself with all this princesses series fairy tales...i admit that we girls do hope that those story will happen on us one day,but i do realize that this is only a dream,a dream that should only appear when you go back to your younger time...i don't know about how majority girls think..but i never put myself in the fantasy in create when i am looking for a man..maybe i m really just using my heart blindly and then end up with the totally wrong person..i dunno since when i already realized that all the scene happened in stories will not happen in real life..those stories appear because there are these authors that had these fantasies..n they are selling because there are people outside that believe in this fantasies(but still there might be other reasons),sorry..i cant speak up on behalf of those girls..i think i still have the ability to differentiate the fantasy n the reality..there is no guys in this world is like the prince in the fairy tales..they don't have the kingdom that can provide with them endless fortune and money..the fairy tales only ended at the part the two get married..what happened after they married??no one knows..maybe they end up as a beggar in the street after the prince finish all his $$..and eventually the white horse die too..after sickness or injuries..i don't know how to talk for these girls..i don't agree with them also...

2. thanks for telling me this..i shall tell all the girls.."don't ever use that sentence to reject a guy"..

4. i just cant argue with you on this point..this is the truth i think..i don't have any explanation that can support the girls in this case...girls do fall in love with their heart..and they keep loving with their heart...until the day they found out that they were betrayed..they still love with their heart...i m sorry for myself either..i have to admit this..
but trust and believe is very important..isn't that we should trust our partner??this pushes us into a very difficult situation..its die-die both way..i have no idea how to identify a guy that will break you heart..anything you see maybe deceiving..the truth only reaches the surface in the very end..

ps: who is the guy with 2 gf ??n the guy i regard on??

the truth hurts...its the worst kill more effectively than M-16 or nuclear boom...

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  1. 2. My comment is: those who say why like this why like that, like hk dramas....they do not live in reality.
    Love then love,hate then hate,no need reasons for that.All the reasons and excuses come from no dont like someone,only then you think of an excuse and tell him/her.
    So no matter what you say,he will also be hurt,by himself,because you dont like him,not because of your whatever reasons and excuses.Same goes to girls.
    If you deny this,you are just finding excuses not to admit it.
    When you stop reading novels and face reality, you will know that boys and girls is just the same.


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