Saturday, November 3, 2007

Meeting with the White Horse

I sucks at coming up with titles..the title tells the content of my blog easily..haih..
yup..i have been meeting with the white prove that i m not u photos...

this is the white horse that shit in front of me
this was like few weeks back..on the 13th oct(saturday) at a horse riding academy in sai kong area..this is the 1st time i get so near to a horse..or i can say to many horses =) v even get the chance to ride on it..or i should say,we sit on its back n then he walk in circle..nothing like really riding a horse where the horse will gallop in the field..feel like v got bluffed by them..
anywhere,never mind least i've on the horse's back before..they have strong bones,i say...but its not easy to balance yourself on his back..u dun have a chair on it,its all on u balance yourself...

ticket for the two-round of horse-walk-around..

me getting onto the horse..indeed this horse is good to ride..
then we go feed the horses..they(the academy) let us fed them(the horse) with carrots which they(of course the academy) sell at HKD10 per cup..we were told to open up our palm when we fed the horse to prevent from the horse mis-bite our fingers..the horse is hairy..this is the 1st thought that come into my mind when i fed it..they are alot lof hair around its mouth..short n spikey...but they are happy with the feeding..keep asking for more..

we had to get man from the academy to fed the white horse..they scare the horse will attack us..
these horse were once galloping on the horse racing concourse in Hong Kong..some of them are even champion..yoyo..but now they are all retired..the life of a horse is quite pity..they'll get eliminated if their performance on the racing concourse is not good enough..then they have to entertain the stupid visitors like us everyday in a horse riding academy...n they will be killed if they are injured or sick..although they are fed well and taken care well..but its still sad that their life is somehow controlled by us,human...they cant even decide when they want to die..unless they don't get injured or serious sickness...

its difficult to be animal also...

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