Saturday, September 1, 2007


have been in HK for 2 weeks..2 weeks!!!i leave home 2 weeks ago... still,eating,sleeping,on9-ing,crapping wiv fellows friends.. dun get fooled,kie..this is not my uni life..this is just the orientation weeks..i dun think i can still carry on wiv this lifestyle when skul starts..all the seniors keep telling us Uni life in UST is terribly stressful..loads of works..loads of activities(if u wan to join)..some seniors even stayed up for 2 days just to finish their assignment or project,the life here is just too crazy... 2 more days to school like 1 day + half n hour left...i have to say bye bye to my more-than-half-a-year-holidays...this time really bye bye le... cant wait to start school..but still hope the school wont start so soon..really enjoying my life here..with this resort-like uni..the big city to shop..a group of funny friends..this is a real nice place to come for holiday(too bad i m not here for hols)

this is my uni..i capture from the sea..dont be envy ya..

the infamous night view from Victoria Peak(the most luxurious place in HK)

Repulse of the luxurious place in HK..c the two brown buildings??Maggie Cheung has a apartment there..

Malaysian Building..actually v dunno wats inside,maybe the ambassador..its some where in Central,i think..i'll go check out this place if i have time


  1. hey the msia building look so grand n nice.. like a shopping mall

  2. why you dun go inside? you malaysian ma!
    wah your uni looks like casino...:S

  3. coz i just pass by the building like 3 times in the bus..din have chance to go in...


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