Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Back to the past

V r just to far from the past..Almost everyone is in universities now.things are not the same again..i really miss the time i have with my friends in high school..
i dunno why that day i suddenly so wanted to listen to "Boogie Wonderland",the song v use in our dinner night performance..Its so fun having the whole class practicing together..dancing to the same melody,same rhythm..watching those boys that kenot coordinate themselves in the beginning till the day v all put up a really great show..make the judges love us so much(kakaka..i sound a bit boasting)

actually..v r the champion for the talent contest..yeah yeah..i still remember the whole class running from upstairs of the restaurant to the stage to recieve the prize...

then the time v go for supper after the performance..the BBQ parties at Lydia's n ah pong's house...the time v chui shui in the class...the time v study together..the time v still go around ipoh to eat during exam period..

BBQ at lydia' till crazy..

guys..i miss all of u..miss the time i had in class..its still fun to see u guys fooling around altough i m not involve(better dun involve la)its so great to have u guys as classmate.

no matter where u guys are now..i wish u all the matter in what u r doing..thank you for a wonderful high school period..

*mayb i m too tension here..dunno why..*


  1. i did have tat kind of feelings b4.. but as time flies.. u'll go thru this.. jia you ^^ future exist becoz of the past ..~

  2. Nah Ei Mun, u heard the song that day, i tot it was from the Bee Gees, coz it sounded familiar...

    I think i've said this too often to guys were worthy for that crown...Pn. Chee did remind me i looked defeated when u guys rehersed onstage...needless to say when u guys performed...

    I wished we hadn't won the overall champion wasn't deserved and i am really ashamed of the play we produced and yet we could still go onstage and get something...

    Besides that, we didn't celebrate after we that is something i would be very envious of, but come to think of it again...luckily we didn't...

    I have to hand to you guys were more worthier to get it, and i'm sorry that we took the other would look better on you guys..we looked stupid with it...i am smiling when i was writing im not being pessimistic...

    Three Cheers to you guys!! Only wished i was a part of it...being kicked by yiyang would be such fun then...

  3. the song is from Earth Wind Fire(someth like that,ya)
    -takemoto- : i dun know we look good during rehearsal le..some other classes perform better than us..but ur class did a good job also..the idea is very nice..i like the idea..the director n the papan man also very funny..haha..


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