Wednesday, August 29, 2007


there is this funny thing happen to me n my m'sian frens in HK.

some HK ppl are friendly(some r not,they just ignore u completely when u wan to ask for direction,i dun think i look scary).i've talk to an uncle on my way to the MTR station when i ask him for direction,i've talk to a bus driver when v wait for the bus to depart, also the security guard in my uni.

because v r chinesen v have the "chinese look",n v speak chinese ( putong hua,they call) among ourselves.those people thought we r from Mainland China.most of them will ask us:"which kampung u guys from??u all r so clever la,to be able to come to UST.u must me the top in ur school la"

then i'll tell him : " i'm from Malaysia." ( n a voice in my heart say: I M NOT TOP IN MY CLASS..I M NEVER 1st,I DUN STUDY A LOT GA)

then these ppl will pop out their eye balls.." Oh,U NOE HOW TO SPEAK CHINESE..U ALSO NOE HOW TO SPEAK CANTONESE!!OH,U R SO GENG!!"

n some of them will ask" R U CHINESE??"(OMG,which part of me do not look like a chinese har??)

the m'sian gang n angel(our IMSPO officer) in cruise explore
but its still very interesting to noe wat people think of M'sia.

v say v r from a multiracial society,v can live wiv many races in m'sia,v can speak different language,v eat a lot of food from different races.

i really din go pay attention bout the advantages of learning all these different types of languages.but is all this language make us m'sian so different here.

v speak chinese among ourselves.v can speak cantonese wiv the locals.v also can talk to the ang moh wiv english.

most people r shock when they found out v noe how to speak all this their opinion,m'sian only speak malay,those can speak chinese r genius(i say de,haha)

suddenly,i m so grateful i learnt these languages..

Happy 50th Birthday Malaysia.


  1. at least u're better lo.. koreans here.. some of them tot tat we're philipino.. haha..

  2. omg!!!u reli look like u ust came out from a kampung meh????those ppl got eyes anot one ah...but well said.v multilingual malaysian chinese hav an edge over others cos v noe multiple languages..altho its not like up to our own choices...:S


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