Sunday, September 16, 2007

I know it

Friends often ask me " have u adapt to life in HK? " "still used to life in HK?" and stuff...i really feel grateful bout their concern.
I came to this tiny little island one month ago. HK is always a place i wanted to come.I told myself: " weiqi,u got to go HK once in your life.go there shop till u drop.go there enjoy the good food people keep telling you about."This was when i never thought of coming to HK to further my studies.
Things are sometimes not the same when you see from far and the one you see with your own eyes.
I already settle down here in HK.Going to classes everyday.Work out in the gym(which i never do it back in home..haha).Go out the city during weekends.Having new friends here.Everything is fine.But somehow,something is not really fine here.
Hong Kong was once a place i longing to come.and no doubt,i was amaze by its beauty. From the tall skyscrapers in Central ,the modern building up-town,the crowd walking all around Mongkok,to the fascinating sea view in my school.HK never failed to show people its beauty.
But within all these,i m here alone..of course,i meet great friends here,giving supports to each other..but somehow something inside me is not complete.i dunno what is that.maybe HK to me is a place that i'll never think of I'll be here one day,not for tourism purpose.Its like i suddenly jump from a laid-back little town back in M'sia to this metropolitan.
This mixed feeling somehow slow down my steps here..losing some omph n energy to leap forward(HK people don't walk,they leap,its faster),just repeating the same routine day after day.
Sometimes i have this feeling " what's so difference if i can make big money?" HK people are so into business,investment,banking..Money overcome many things in Hong Kong.with money,there's nothing u cant do here. because of this,many young people study business..hope that one day in the future,they will get paid HKD60,000 per month,have a big luxurious penthouse in Central,own a newest model of Mercedes Benz and probably can retire after 5 years of work.But u have to pay for everything u get.Work for 15 hours a day,no social,no holidays.just work work n work..then u have to pay HKD10,000 per month for rent.HKD22 per hour for car park.HKD100 per meal.but after 5 or 6 years of working,u may get enough money to retire.then lead your " peaceful" life. Is that the life that we should dream of??
But still,that's the truth.u have to give up something to get something in return.the better your return,the more u have to pay.thats like a rule that everybody have to follow.
In this city.i want to lead on with my life.thats all..
This will be a place i grow up.I know it.


  1. ka? so good...imperial one hav to pay...

  2. i won't be going if its not free..i don't think i can afford the member fees..

  3. dear.. cheer up n think positively~

  4. Ah...gym...better look for one with 'Ladies only" signs... i've been to one bfore...and the sight of snorting, moaning men, and those who just-can't-resist- competing-with-others-men really freaks me out...its good, if u can do it persistently...i dunno yiyang wants a hulk-sized gf... but having firm flesh won't hurt...

    Anywhere u go, its the same situation, we work so hard just to get a better life... those fees, and working time is just something we have to do to get what we want, in return, if you don't think of it as a burden, but something that is more of what u do, with interest, the burden isn't a burden, it's just something u'd wanna do, its all in the mind...

    Cheer up! Never say u're lonely, you'll never walk alone...(darn it, i'm no Liverpudian!!)


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