Thursday, September 20, 2007

I was told to be Green

of course i have to write more about HK..the place..the people..the things i see here..i cant defeat the purpose i come so far here ma...
Last Thursday i went to a place where many big functions of HK held..wakaka..the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center in Wanchai..

entrance of HK convention and exhibition center

i wen there with my course mate,Alex for a Green Logistic Conference organized by the Hong Kong Trade Developement Council.but hor,very sorry la,v din really go visit the whole building cause we want to be on time for everything that day(on time for the conference and on time for a gathering after the conference). i just able to take a few photos at the entrance part of the building.This is the first time i attend a conference in such a place(don't have any place like this in ipoh wat..duh) Due to the "formal-looking" name of the function and the place,the two of us think that we should dress up "formally". Alex even borrow a suit from a senior to make himself look more "professional". I am just not well prepare for any formal function like this..i din bring any suit with me..i din even bring my high heels with me.this is what i regret so much now..I still cant get a pair of high heels here..don't know i end up wearing a flat-heels shoes to the function,which i think is quite weird.but never mind.I'll improve next time( the suit at G2000,please wait for me!!!)

conference at Room 401

ok,back to the conference..The title is Green Logistic-Staying Ahead for Business Success .its quite a new thing to me..the term Logistic is new enough for other people,not to say Green Logistic. Actually the name itself tell u something bout the Green Logistic thingy .it has something to do with the environmental.Environmental issues are very hot topic nowadays.people are talking about Global Warming,pollution,recycling,Green House effect everywhere.that's why environmental is so important.haha..

the backdrop of the stage..have lights de le..dun pray pray ar

Its really a beneficial conference.4 speakers from different background.1st speaker:Prof Alan McKinnon, Director of Logistic Research Center of Heriot-Watt University of UK,purposely fly to HK to share his research with us. 2nd speaker: Mr Sunny Chai,managing director of a company. 3rd speaker: Prof Yong Geng from Dalian Uni of Technology,China.4 th speaker:Mr Louis Lam, Vice President of Operation of a company also.semua bukan orang sebarangan le...
They have people from the organizer,people from the authority to give speeches.All of the speakers give really nice speeches..No one spend lot of time telling me grandpa stories that i used to listen in some of the functions back in M'sia. Some people seems like they don'y have many chance to speak n they desperately wanna talk as long as they can when they have the chance n make all the audiences suffer down there with his longer-than-anything-but-actually-nothing-informative-talk.I don't know how about other functions in HK,but this 1 really is an eye-opener.

souvenirs from the organizer and Convention and Exhibition Center

the 4 speakers n the forum chairman in the middle

-hvn finish,depends whether i still wan to continue anot lo-

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