Tuesday, September 11, 2007

after emo

Actually i'll be fine here,i think..emotional just come some of the times..that's unavoidable..i do miss everybody back home..everybody in every where else..
life here is really packed..especially at night,where there's lotsa readings to do..n the reading materials will come non-stop..i really have to go take some course on speed reading,then i can have more time to sleep..i m just too slow on all the things..i m slow at maths,slow at computer,slow at reading..i will end up becoming the precious of China after my years in UST..because i'll become a true panda,with dark eyes..
there's always something happening in the school.. performances,talks,conference,presentations,competitions....lot of things that i can take part in but i dun really have the time..my god..my time management sucks i think..coz i still wanna blog although i hvn finish my work =p
i'm just fine..i've nice friends here..caring,funny,silly..haha..life here nice..then some more i have beautiful scenary in school..mou dik hoi ging!!!yeah!!
i have family n friends giving me support le..of coz i'll survive till the very last minute la..

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  1. Glad you have found a silver lining amongst the clouds. Sometimes, time is how you spend it, not all the things the Prof says has to be done. When in doubt, always consult those who have passed this way. You'll find that life would be much much easier.

    And choosing which to participate is the key to making the most out of your time in HK.


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