Sunday, September 9, 2007

emotional day..i will be fine..

very emotional today..after chatting to someone...make me think a lot...
my roommate say i dun look like i miss home...actually i do..i miss them like anything in the world...the people i have live with in my past 19 years..they care for me,love me,always there for me,support me..i really miss them like hell..but what to do..i really cant do i hope i can buy a air ticket n fly back to them at this very moment..i can just be the lazy fella sleeping n wandering around at home..on9 at home..let my dad scold me for being lazy..let my mum nag me for being lazy..go fight with my pranks on them..all the things i can do when i m at home..
but i m now here in this very far away land..4++ hours filght + 2++ hours drive from airport..i cant go home at anytime i want..i cant just tell my mum i m coming back this friday ooo..i wan drink soup ar..remember ask aunt to cook ar..there is nothing like this anymore..nothing..all i can do is talk to them using skype..pretend that they are in front of me..but the stupid webcam at home is showing me blur n lag images...but suan la..its better than none..
some times i really wonder why i wan to come here..i can just stay in m'sia to complete my studies..i dun have to come so far..i have the choice..i can make another choice..i just dunno how to describe these feelings..leaving all the people i love n care..n go to another place..
not only my family..i miss my friends..those really friends..i miss all of them..i really miss weili's piano playing version of "tong hua"..although i always say his version sucks..haha..but i really hope i can have him play to me now..i really cant held my tears that day when yiyang called me n weili was playing this song at the background..n i was still in M'sia that time..i already start to miss all this people..they wun be telling lame jokes to me so often anymore..i miss everyone..i cry a lot the day i went back to USM..thats the worst sunday i had..

but,i m already here..cant make turn back for


  1. whenever there's an ending..sure there's a new beginning.. if ur frens really passed u such comments.. meaning it's a good sign.. coz no point to homesick oso.. 既来之,着安之 ma.. cheers~

  2. be strong ok!i'll upload MY version of piano tonghua for you if you wan!!!!HAHAHA..sorry la promoting myself again

  3. i dun wan urs..urs are far too good..his version very special 1..will noe is him playing..='(

  4. Hey weiqi, be strong there ok?

    U're going to have emo rush into you like a sine graph, it's normal, and its something to remind you how much people care for u back here... so don't make them dissapointed and work harder'll see them sooner than you expect to when the time comes...time does fly...depends on how you feel and how you see the time you spend there...happy ties fly...get me?

  5. It is not the physical distance that divides people, it's the thought. Home is where the heart is. Though Hong Kong will never be substitute for Malaysia, it's a place of opportunities, be strong and it'll pay...


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