Friday, September 7, 2007

Back to School(not shopping center promotion)

School started 4 days ago..after more than half a year of "waiting"..
i supposed to attend 5 classes on the 1st day,but i only went for 3..missed 1 and v hvn start the lab for my computer programming(i hate this course,but i cant drop it!!!!help)

to tell you bout my school,i must show u photos(which will come later,coz i hvn take any)

u will probably c people walking around all the time..and especially during class changing period...u will have traffic jam around the classrooms n lecture theaters area...they will be people walking around,people gather together to talk,people waiting for lifts...
its packed,unlike in m'sia,where u have plenty of space in Uni,until students will complain bout the distance from lecture halls to their halls..
but in the other hand,there r pros because u dun have to walk very far to get back to ur room or to another class.

n during the 1st few weeks of school..the clubs n societies are having orientation week(they call O Week) where societies are allow to promote their soc(short for society,HKees create a lot of shorforms).evyone can join any soc u like..the soc will offer different packages(join member also can choose package 1 le..kai wan xiao)choose the soc u wan,choose the package u wan..then register urself,pay ur fees..then u r officially their member...thats easy right??

the booths or countar(counter) are nicely decorate..they will do anything to attract you to their booth.

the shao lin martial arts society even display their lion dance

some of the leaflets i get when i go on a "soc booth tour"

n there r these soc from different department of the business School..the ex-co will all dress in formal suit,means in black..then will approach the business students to join them..i really pity them la..see the gals wearing high heels,stand there,but they r used to it,dats y they study ppl have to take care of their appearance very much..i once joke that no one will care for me if i dress like a begger after graduation,coz i m not a business one really go care how a engineering student dress.

thats all for today..more to come..its really a great experience to study abroad..its so much difference from my experience in the local uni..

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  1. i care!!!even if i become engineer i oso wan become one Gothic


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