Friday, August 24, 2007

My say bout HK..

hihi..since i have time n i m exempted from the maths placement test(means i have no worry..yohoo!!),i can blog more lo..wakaka..

ok,lets c..2day i friday..already 6 days in HK..6days in my uni..

my uni is really a beautiful place..its has spectacular sea view..if u r lucky enuf(like a kong),u can get a room wiv this 无敌海景.so good.but senior say those rooms r more hot wor,so,erm..nvm la if i din get...

Let me talk bout things i saw in HK in the past 5days.(i hvn go out of hall 2day.)
1) things really expensive here. bus fare is expensive,HKD5.50 for single journey.MTR fare is expensive,HKD6.60 for single journey from Choi Hong to Mongkok if u dun have student octopus card.fruits here expensive(rmb the HKD220 watermelon??),haha..not all fruits r like the watermelon,still can get cheaper ones in the wet market.

2) the public transport is systematic. buses normally come on time.v can easily get to the MTR station(no MTR station outside uni,uni far from city).taxi also easily available.can get taxi in the midnite also.minibuses wun pick up more passanger if all the seats r seated.no1 stands in a minibus.

3) bus drivers have good driving skill. Can drive fast,n still be able to stop at the right time.can drive fast,n turn aroung the roundabout safely.the speed of the minibus is show on a screen.there r safety belt on each seats for mini bus.

4) quite difficult to find a shop if u dunno the exact location.there r too many signboards around.need more time to spot the right thing.

so many signboards..

5) the food portion here is real big.i dunno how the size of the stomach of HK people.the portion of one meal is the portion i eat for 2 meals.the bowl they use is big.then i realize those container i brought r not big enuf to hold one set meal if i m going to tapao.

the bowl is large.the noodle portion is large too.
come here if u think m'sia's food is too little for u.

Things here are a little different from things in malaysia.but there are still something familiar to me.just glad to be in such a country,where i can find a lots of chinese,a lot of chinese food,i can speak chinese n cantonese(at least i dun have problem to ask for direction if i am lost in the city =p)
~ will continue writting stuffs bout HK ~


  1. seriously.. the food in msia really very little.. u come to korea then u'll know.. keke 1 person meal can eat for 2 person le..

  2. ya ar..most ppl say food portion in ohter countries r big.i think its the problem of m'sia.the vendors there wan more profit,so they giv little portion only.


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