Thursday, August 23, 2007

watermelon in TST

Have been in HK for a few days. Actually have lots to say,but too busy n lazy to post.hihi..
visited a few places around the city.
went to Tsim Sha Tsui(TST) n Central on the 2nd day.these r the place that make me feel "Hong Kong".
mayb its because my uni is located at the border of kowloon n new territories,its a more rural part of HK,a bit greener,lesser looks no difference from ipoh. i really doesn't have the feeling i m in one of the world busiest city until i see this

This is the Hong Kong.

compare to this

there are ppl walking around everywhere in TST(although i am just in 1 part of it).the sighboards all around.hanging from the top floor to the bottom floor.all with stricking colours to attrack ur attention.

~central~.i dunno why the crowd is not dat
big.maybe because its a sunday night.(really??!!)

We also went to Habour City,a very famous shopping complex in HK.very nice place for me because its air-conditioned(haha).the temperature in HK is around 33 degree celcius,higher than in m'sia, so its great to be in a air-conditioned place after walking under the hot sun.
HK is really a shopping paradise,but not for us student.
name a brand,u can get it in HK. LV,Gucci,Dolce n Gabbana.just name it,n u can get it in HK,n the price is much cheaper than in its origin (well,some ppl said that). but hor,come on la,how many student can really afford LV??i dunno how bout those with monthly allowance = my yearly allowance ppl. but its not logic for me to buy a LV or Gucci or whatever la, just because its a few hundreds cheaper.i m just being rational,but then its very pathetic to be in the world of luxurious stuff,but not able to own one ='( .mayb i can get i from Women Street de.haha..

Habour City is really not a place for me to shop in near not saying the branded stuff,but others daily stuff as well.this is a place for ppl who can retire after 5 years of work.a watermelon that cost RM5 in m'sia cost up to HKD220(aprox. RM110) in Habour City.I feel very so sorry for the person who buy the watermelon.i dunno wats so difference bout the watermelon,maybe its genetic modified.u'll look like a watermelon after u eat that gold watermelon??!!

-to be continue-


  1. eh..after looking at ur photos.. i notice that the scenaries the view really exactly the same like those i used to c in tvb dramas le.. keke hk really like tat 1 ^^

  2. eh you must go try tai chi tau foo fah at tai yu shan...then giv feedback :D

  3. i miss the trip to dai yu san la..
    coz have to register for course..dunno when i got chance to go again la ='(


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