Friday, August 13, 2010

Twenty Two

I got a wall post in my Facebook this morning welcoming me to the 20s. Means i still look young enough to just join the 20s. ok, all these are just to make myself happy. you know people cant really tell how old are you in uni, everyone looks young or old.

Today marks another year, another year of my life. This time, i feel keberatan to move on. Twenties aren't easy at all. But the funny thing is, i dont really want to go back to my teenage life too. You know, what we talk about last time will be where to lepak after school(although we still do that now), how to scold the juniors in the club, how to fight with other opponent club n stupid stuffs like that.

Looking back to my 21st, it was one of the most memorable year. I got into a uni(again), building some relationships, breaking some relationship, gain a few kay gees, loss a few kay gees, getting myself an intern job, hating some people, loving some people, and most importantly, love myself more.

I made a huge leap in the past year, and i look forward to another bigger leap in the coming year. Doing something more significant to myself. Doesn't that sounds exciting already? XD

Happy Birthday to myself. I love myself  <3<3<3

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