Monday, August 23, 2010


This is what you do when your company system is down and this is your last week and you have nothing to hand over. You blog!!!

Good day my fellow friends!!

After working for almost 3 months(yes, another few days that it will make 3 months!!), i feel like i have been working forever. Although i wasn't given a lot of heavy responsibility throughout my internship, i still think i contributed a little to the company. Working in an international conglomerate is such an eye-opening experience, the policy, the communication methods(we have internal im, quite cool huh? and also thousands of mail boxes), the system, the open office.

Now, i am looking forward for uni to start. You know, it is the first time i look forward to schooling. I think i am crazy, but if you think i am looking forward to the classes, then you are only half correct, can someone like me cant wait to go lectures?

I definetely have alot to catch up for the rest of my summer break, especially on body weight. sigh. i am tired of every friend commenting on the same issue over and over and i shall do something to it already. I have another 3 weeks and i do not foresee my mom feeding me on anything, so just let me

Ok, i shall go back to some serious working, ie staring at my mailbox and some facebooking, oh and maybe read some mags.

Share with you a comic i read this morning.

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