Thursday, June 3, 2010

lunch time

Lunch time!!!had over~~
it's very bad to work after lunch time because i feel sleepy now. bad time to work after eating.
Office is fine. i have been happily walking barefoot around my work station these few days, to the printer, to collegues' work station nearby on the carpeted floor.
Filling up myself with cups of hot drinks like milo and mocha from the nestle drinks machine from the pantry(the black coffee doesnt taste nice anyway).
Facebooking whenever i can, my boss even caught me doing it this morning. faint. facebook is a good way to keep in touch in friends when ur phone is being barred for not paying the bills.
yea, basically that's almost what happened the previous few days besides switching from excel to excel files.
i shall not bring in any junk food to work like other collegues because i heard them saying people gain weight working here!!NO WAY!!i am going to loss weight after 3 months okay. die die i must loose a few ten pounds like that with walking everyday!!
okay, back to work!!tata

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