Monday, May 31, 2010


i girl just send me and email.

hi wei qi,
I've ordered and paid for the t-shirt together with my friend. And I haven't received any mails or calls that ask me to collect my T-shirt while my friend has already got her T-shirt. Can i know why? Is there something went wrong?

what i wanted to reply:

yes dear, of course you can know why. Because you never check your email and never pay attention to how people get the shirt. and what went wrong is you didn't even bother to ask me to pass you the shirt. so in the end everything went very wrong. thank you for asking.

what i actually replied her:
We sent out email to all school members regarding the t-shirt collection. Maybe your mail box were full that time or you accidentally deleted the email, it was very hard for me to tell you what went wrong.

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