Friday, May 21, 2010

Girls who eat

Finally i went home after two weeks of exam with adelynne and suling. We stop by Tanjung Malim to have my favorite fried noddles for dinner.

We were talking on how five of us should have more eating outing because we are like eating. Then these two guys who i just met the day before comment that: "yeah, you know how to eat. Girls like you who just met us for one day shouldn't be eating so much. You should pretend to eat just a little."

"hahahaha" i laugh in my heart. "i would not really give up my favourite food, if i only gonna have dinner with you once, then i dont care i eat alot or eat little, if we are going to be friends in the future, then you have to know that i EAT from the beginning so that you won't shock when you see me eating someday."

When i told Foong about this, the first thing she ask me "They leng chai anot?"

"Because if they not leng chai, of course no need to jaga image lar."

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