Sunday, May 16, 2010

exam and the trax

oh, actually i have nothing to blog about because my mind is all fill up with mathematics. mean, std dev, sample size, z-value, p-value, confidence level, bla bla bra..
but since you already drop by this blog, i cant really let you go without reading much right?
so, i m going to share a song lar.

Cold-hearted Man (Let You Go) - The Trax

i heard this song when i saw watching some show that day. The band -The Trax used to be a heavy metal band, but after 2 members left (R&A i think), they had to change their music genre. Takkan two person play all the instruments right. But it's amusing how heavy metal band turn into a duo-group who sings such sentimental song. I was quite surprise by the vocal because he was different from others Korean boy group/band where the vocal is too boyish or gayish for me. and they look so much better with short and black hair. oh, you should go search for their old photos, they look sooooo different now, by different i mean better =)

ok, i think i m in love with them..

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