Wednesday, January 27, 2010

what a day

serious, i don’t know how to describe my days recently.
so for long time i haven’t feel that i am busy. life were so tardy *smile*

1. today me and some fellow colleagues went for a meeting with a manager for details of an event. it had been a long time when i last did event. its just so different doing it in school and in uni. i like the idea of the event, the organizers are going to learn so much. cant wait to see how the event turn out, it shall be grand XD

2. class till Friday for this semester. i don’t know it should be thank god or wtf. thank god for not having class on Saturday and wtf for having class on Friday. i had been staying home for such long time(summer break + weekends + study week), oh god. i feel so emo to not able to go home on Wednesday. *sigh* as if i haven’t leave home for long.

3. i still have to look over my temper. for whatever reason it could be.

4. nothing much. i am blogging because i don’t really want to move and i can’t really move around with the damn period pain. period.

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