Sunday, January 31, 2010

Travelling home

I met an uncle on the train last week. We talked a little. He asked me whether i have know KL well.

I say no, because i spent most of my weekend back home.

Despite the long hours of travelling, i still travelling almost every weekend home. With the same travelling time, i could have fly over to Hong Kong already, wtf.

I know how is it like to not being able to go home, therefore i appreciate much when i am going home. I know there will be my parent smiling faces waiting me at the station. I will be greeted by my brothers who sometimes will act cool and don't say "hi" to me.

Even if the seats are not so comfortable and the train delayed like it's their normal schedule(yeah, my normal complaint), I know that my destination will be home and that makes a great difference to lazy bump like me.

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