Thursday, September 17, 2009

Two Road

Which to choose?
Should i stick to the old option?


  1. you should stick to your own opinion :)

    take your time to think about what you really want,and what really makes you happy...the happiness can come in many form,but think about what suits you the best :)

    i can't say much here,but...whatever your decision is,i'll always be there for you :)

  2. I do not know what really happens to you. However, i will support whatever decision you made. When there are choices, listen to the genuine voice from your heart & choose what you really desire.

  3. I agree with LF and Peilin. You should always do what's best for you before you do what is best for others. If you think this is something you want to share, we're here to lend an ear for you. But anyway we'll support you in whatever you decide. Good luck.

  4. people would normally say: just do it.

    but i'll say: just try it. if you don't really know what you want. create yourself, define yourself, know yourself.


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  6. hmmm...
    agree with what ghee leng says... just try it~!

    but don't hesitate to change direction or turn around if you see yourself not in the path you want...

    and my opinion is that it's better to make a judgement through what you are happy of, and not what you fear...

    my feeling is that I would eventually regret if my decisions are made on the basis of avoiding disappointment or fear of failure...

    probably it is best to think of what you would really happy to see in your future... and made the decision on the happiness of the aspirations...

    from time to time we might fall into the trap of amplifying our weakness based on some undesired results... results that usually do not represent our true potential, but is actually caused by other factors...The dark cycle might continue if we cannot see through the cloud of diffident..

    oops... i seems to be crapping..


    what i am trying to say is:
    wei qi, you are one of the smart girls I am fortunate to know; and I would wish that you would choose the path based on what you love, not what you fear... and I am confident that you will definitely be who you want to be in the future!

    all the best!


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