Monday, September 14, 2009


It's good to be able to put down the past. I had let it drag me around for some time. I know it doesn't sound  good to give up, but sometimes give up is the better solution. Live is doing so much better to me now although I doesn't feel the same any more, but at least i don't feel lost. I am eager to move forward, but not feeling excited like i am going for something new, but more of i am going to go somewhere further, somewhere better. Honestly, i feel good with the decision, they say your instinct sometimes work. I learnt another lesson, to give up. To give up, not easily, but give up something that has not be doing any good to you. Give up things that you don't feel easy about. There's no need to keep on holding on. Leading a normal life is so much more important than anything.
I should have know myself earlier. However, i am happy i know it now.

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