Wednesday, September 2, 2009


i read on newspaper today about gentleman. It says that most man doesn't want to be gentleman in front of any girl, they will just act as a gentleman in front of the girl he like. It remind me of an incident i wrote on another blog last year. imma share it here, with some modification.

we always talk about "ladies first", "gentlemen" to boys. i don't know why. some boys around me (more specifically, boys from Malaysia) just aren't gentlemen. I am not talking about you carrying all my stuffs and paying all my bills.

Things that we, girls will ask for are as simple as holding doors for us when you walk in front, let us go on bus/MTR first. But some boys i know are not used to all this little gesture.

Here is an incident that i would like to tell you, and i m sure girls will agree with me.
Last last week, me n LF had dinner with some friends out side campus and we went back quite late at night. 
That afternoon, i went shopping for the party we are going to organize later in the week. So, i am carrying two big bags of food for the party.We went back to hostel after dinner with a Malaysian guy friend, J. I was totally fine with carrying two bags by myself, but len foong was kind enough to help me with one. 
J was walking in front of us and we saw him open the fire door and walk out the door. The two of us were expecting him to at least hold the door for us since we don't have an empty hand to open the door. But this guy just let the door close in front of us and we have to open it by pushing with out arms.

Len foong was very curious why he's not holding doors for us. so she asked why is he not being a gentleman and hold door for us.

The answer we get was indeed shocking.
" Because i don't see a reason to be gentleman to the two of you."

Len foong and me go " What???!!!!" at the same time.
What does he meant by no reason to be gentleman to us??
Because the two of us look too tough??
Because the two of us too fat??
Do girls who look tough and fat are not worth to be treated nicely???wtf

No, it's because we are not his girlfriend or the girl he likes.

Why are guys like this one?? Not your girlfriend cannot be gentleman to them la.
I tell you what? Being gentleman is like gaining reputation for yourself. We talk about boys just like boys talk about girls. We do talk about who is the gentleman and who is the chauvinist pig. If you are being labeled as the "not gentleman", then sorry, you won't get to court girls.

Hoh, just can't understand boys.

Being gentleman doesn't mean you need to pay bills, just show a little courtesy like holding doors, not only to girls but also to boys who is coming behind you. It not only shows how gentleman you are, it also reflect how a person you are. Don't think you can make fool of girls by only showing respect to the one you like. NO, SHE WILL NEVER LIKE YOU BACK!!!

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