Wednesday, May 13, 2009

yesterday once more

imma put the blame on Ooi Ghee Leng!!!
I have been looking for those old songs, i mean songs i heard during primary schools  and early secondary school after the day we sing K.
i don’t know whether you are like me, growing up in a Chinese educated family, listen to Chinese radio everyday. I only listen to the radio station my parents listen to because i don’t even know there were other radio station, until i went to secondary school, when my friends talk about other radio station like 988 and MyFM. i go like “What the heck is 988? Who is MyFM?” (yes, you can guess that i listened to Radio5, now AiFM) don’t even mention english radio station. the first time i listened to English radio was in Form 2, my art teacher will on the radio and tuned in to LightFM (now Light and Easy) during our Sunday classes.
this time imma put another few songs. some i cant even find on youtube, have to find on
1/ 爱的初体验 - 张震岳

2/ 小姐 这是我的名片 - 吴宗宪

i already think that this song is very rubbish when i heard it from the radio. that’s why i remember till now. and i learn that not' handsome boy are better from this song. how naive i am.

3/ 怪兽 - 徐怀钰

few years after the song, i bought the VCD. VCD was a new thing that time. then i will play the disk over and over again everyday and learn up the songs inside. lol

4/ 十分钟的恋爱 - ASOS

very cool sisters at that time. so 光明正大谈恋爱. make a song for it some more.

5/ 对你爱不完 - 郭富城

you cant don’t know the song. i m sure you will at least heard of the chorus before. i even danced with my cousin sis over this song when i visit my grandparents.

When I was young
I’d listen to the radio
Waitin’ for my favorite songs
When they played I’d sing along
It made me smile.

~yesterday once more, the carpenters~

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  1. i thought you all listen to old songs too? actually i listen to very very very few new chinese songs...mostly am stucked to the songs in that era...

    btw dun si sua blame me lei...i got ntg to do with this


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