Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hot Hot go away don't even come again another day

yes i am very kikshou like that.
i hate cold weather, i hate hot weather as well..i hate the weather in Hong Kong, can?
why summer in Hong Kong cannot be like normal weather in Malaysia??so hot like that T.T
why so guk one??why like this one? why i sleep that time i have to sweat like i just come out from the bathroom(eh, no, i just come out i also wipe myself dry already). why i sit here my feet and palm will sweat like i just was my hands.
how ah. ok..enough of rambling.
the weather is still hot.
give me some wind can anot?
aiya, breeze enough already
aiya, no need so hot enough adi
can anot??can anot??please lar...can la can la..
let me eat ice kacang let me eat ABC.
dai ni ma kan si

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