Monday, May 11, 2009

Those days when we have no downloads and we have to wait in front of the radio

My long lost method to release negative emotions. to sing my heart out.
yesterday go spend one night and over one hundred dollar to release negative emotion. and we end up singing songs 10-20 years ago. the time when we listen songs from radio. the time when we have no internet.
those songs are those that you will know how to sing when you listen to the intro, when you saw the lyrics. unlike the new songs, see the song name also don’t know how to sing. sigh

1/ 单身情歌 - 林志炫

crystal clear voice. he sang a lot of nice songs, although his vocal is not that type of macho voice, he just have his way of telling story and touching your heart.

the song that i sang for a competition in Form 2. and i went out of tune because i start of with the wrong pitch. le sigh. cannot help mar, sing without music one.
3/ 分享-伍思凯

very first batch of m’sian singer went over to Taiwan. 

0.25 minutes very funny(stop myself from laughing). other than that no need to introduce, classic enough.

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  1. haha nice. there are 2 more classic thingies:-

    1) aun aun actually forced the counter girl to let us sing for free for the rest of the night.

    2) his 梅花三弄


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