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*warning: 50 photos ahead
25 April 2008, SUMMA was inaugurated as the 16th Executive Committee of the Hong Kong Award for Young People User Unit, The Hong Kong University Science and Technology Student Union.
SUMMA was chosen as our name because the Latin honour “summa cum laude” means “ with highest honour”. “summa cum laude” is the highest honour you can attained in a institution. We aim to be the top and the best in our fiscal year.
SUMMA has come a very long way to what it was today. From a nearly 10 person group, SUMMA now is only composed of 7 people. A President with a until-now-we-also-don’t-understand-why-he-choose-this nickname Cat (猫), the tie-up-her-hair-is more-pretty Internal Vice President Connie, the can’t-stop-herself-from-thinking-about food External Vice President weiqi(yes, that’s me), the don’t-play-too-much-PSP Financial Secretary Edwin, the next-time-we-go-soc-room-together-ok? General Secretary Kyman, the best-presenter-no-matter-in-Nirvana-or-inauguration Section-In-Charge of RP and Material-In-Charge Shanshan and now-she-is-half-the-globe-away Promotion Secretary Jenny.

The first time i met my fellow ex-co members was someday in January 2008. Through the past president, we arranged a meeting at Pizza Hut in New Town Plaza at Shatin. Main purpose of the meeting is to let us meet up because i haven’t see half of them or i have already forgot how they look.

1. The first big event we went through together was promotion and polling period. We have go give out things to everyone. Being at our counter for few hours. Evaluation Meeting at night. I even have to spend my Valentines night with them. le sigh.

2. we have been playing with windmills and balloons for two weeks because they were the things that we gave out most. we spend nights making the windmills along with evaluation and of course not to forget gossips. After we won in the polling, we went for after-party at the steamboat restaurant. Although not everyone joined, but that was the first time we celebrate victory.

3. And then come a series of Annual General Meeting. We spent days and nights going through the functions we are going to organize(which were already organized by now). The conversations we had in the MSN windows were the only entertainments we had in the meetings.

4. Number of ex-co drop from 10 to 9 to 8 and finally settle down at 7.

5. We had a guest from Macau who suddenly walk into our meeting venue and we happily took photos with him because that was our last session of AGM.

6. Sometimes when our General Meeting ends, we went out for sweet soup for more gossips. yea, we love gossips, when we are not together, we go around collect gossips.

7. For our own inauguration, we need sponsors of food and drinks. We all went out in suit to Saikung and Kwun Tong to ask for sponsor from every restaurant. The picture was taken at 12.01 to prove that the 5 of us were not late so that we can fine Connie for being late./evil laugh

8. During our Tong Shui session, we found that the shop had a calligraphy work by Andy Lau on their wall.

9. When we went shopping for the identical pair of suit, we replace our president with his girlfriend in our group photo.

10. We start meeting with ex-co from other universities. Boys and girls start to discuss on who is good looking and the boys came up with a same answer.

11. In the following two months, we make ourselves well known among other user unit for being love to take photos and noisy and being late to every other inauguration.

12. We continue with the mission of conquering dessert shop in Hong Kong. We made the president to become statue so that we can take funny photo. 

13. Oh, we love group photos. and desserts <3

14. For the inauguration, we have regular meetings. In classroom, at the cafe garden, in the library, and through phone calls. 

15. I still remember me and Kyman stop Connie from staying back with us the night before because she was the only one without a hostel place but she insist on staying with us. Because we work together as a team.

16. We were so nervous on the day of our inauguration. That was our first open event to people outside the university. 

IMG_2031 copy
17. Oath taking was the highlight of the night. This officially mark the starting point of our fiscal year.

18. We were grateful towards those who came all the way into SaiKung to celebrate our inauguration with us.

IMG_2063 copy
19.  Bravo to us, although we think we can do better.

20. As the last user unit to inaugurate, that was the last time we meet together in a user unit function.

IMG_2084 copy
21. That night, we were named the 16th Executive Committee.

22. Meetings go on for planning other functions.

23. We make fun with people who leave meeting early. 

24. The first time we fall in love with the JUMP activity.

25. The first time we sing overnight karaoke together. We had nice vocals. lol

26. June 2nd, 2008, we set out from ShenZhen Airport to Beijing for the Joint University Residential Project, a function that we worked with ex-cos from another 4 institutions.

27. With no assistance from any travel agency, we built up things bits by bits. From planning of daily schedule, to contact with local universities( Beijing U and TsingHua U), to booking of youth hostel.

28. The unforgettable chilling morning we spent in TianAn Men after the flag raising ceremony and before the opening of the Forbidden City. That was 4th, June. 

29. We didn’t forget our JUMP  even in Beijing.

30. We had good time with participants from other universities.

31. Meteor rain did not show up in Summer Palace.

32.  With only three of us left, we condole on absence of Jenny at the Temple of Heaven

33. Back from summer holiday, we get set for the next function. We went for pre-trip for our members cycling cum gathering day on the next day of Typhoon Nuri. 

34. During recruitment period, we spent time taking photos at the end of the day.

35. And even when we were fixing the decoration.

36. We enjoyed the Starbucks Ice Mocha promotion that sizzling summer.

37. Because we love eating so much, Korean BBQ for dinner on the last day of recruitment.

38. I still got to celebrate my birthday one month after my birthday along with Edwin. That was a surprise =) we were suppose to have meeting that night.

39. Members’ gathering turn out to be friends gathering. 

40. The first group photo of NIRVANA at Tai Mei Tuk. The organizing committee rejected the photo because it’s too informal.

41. Voluntarily, we took part in the Ocean Park Christmas Tree Decoration Event.

42. Although the tree end up very ugly.

43. NIRVANA group was formed when we were at the counter during recruitment period. We only think that it would be fun for us to join, who ask the others were not at the counter that time.

44. Who knows we made that far.

45. This February, the new ex-co were nominated. Our job is to be at the polling counter and wait for members to come vote for the new committee.

46. Our job as ex-co gradually came to an end, we can only met at other people’s counter.

47. Until the series of the 17th Annual General Meeting started where we get together again.

48. Just like last year, we ordered delivery. Besides pizza, we had sushi this year!!

49. No matter how, we will always have time for dessert.

50. 24 April 2009, we step down from our positions after the inauguration of the 17th Executive Committee and join the “Old Ghost” gang of HKAYPUU, HKUSTSU.
Dear all, it have been my pleasure to meet you guys. Thank you for for being my friends and comrades for the past year. I appreciate the times we have together. I Love You All. muahmuahmuah!!


  1. Weiqi, just read some of the entries of ur blog XD i really laugh out by the long title you gave each of usXD

    n i never no that if i tie up my hair, i will be prettier XD u should tell me earlier wor ~haha

    i discovered that we really spend a lot of time with each other in this 1.5 year ( should be?) XD i love you

  2. i love you even more than connie....come back, my dear weiqi...

    hey, if we go Malaysia visit you, will you accommodate us ga?!or bring us to other places to have fun?!

    please reply ASAP


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