Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Best Recommendation of the Month

listen to the song and tell me what you think before you watch the following video.

comment before you watch the video!!

don’t cheat ah!!!


the best recommendation from the boyfriend after Google Chrome. lol

me love a cappella 20070217221102

how can i not love, because i m not a good a cappella-er, i am only good at out-of-tune.rolf

i admit i really am not familiar with the western music industry, so cannot blame me for not knowing them.

their name is Naturally 7 . Naturally 7 is more than a cappella group because a cappella don't do drums and guitar (suddenly fell that the ad-hoc a cappella group back in school was lame) the guitar fella is crazy, apasal go so high??*envy envy

ok, gotta go to listen to their other songs. kamu sendiri pergi cari maklumat tentang mereka. malay sucks..

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