Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I am not in mood to blog le.

have been busy with work (notice: not study, is other works) recently.

Day 11: McDonald for tea = lunch+dinner

today got no life until have to take photo of the Shake Shake Fries i ate. I think the flavouring powder i got is Honey BBQ. Because I’ve got the McD member’s card so i got an small fries for free with a value set; for breakfast, i got free hot chocolate for free this month. walala.

Day 12: splurge. Dim Sum at Ground Floor restaurant with Kyman.

during tea time lar. HKD9 for each plate. but something so un acceptable happen that time. see the siu mai in the photo? One siu mai is not cooked!! and i am so unlucky enough to eat the uncooked prawn. i swallow it!! i feel the texture is so weird when i bite it, i don’t know why i still swallow it. then only i notice the prawn inside is really different from the prawn in other siu mai. it’s not cooked!!OMG OMG so scary!! i ate the uncooked prawn. so scary until i 语无伦次。

We ask for the waiter, when she saw the uneaten half she already know the siu mai is uncooked, like she already have previous experiences. anyway, at least she admit and apologize, then she cancelled the dish(means me no need to pay for the dish).

haih. 平野没好野( there’ s no thing which is cheap and nice)

Day 13: Found out something. check in and out at the same MTR station within one hour, they charge you 5 bucks.

and when you edit the photo at Picasa, the photo will update at Windows Live Writer too!!woot. no need upload again.

duh. i have no life.

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