Monday, March 30, 2009


Day 8 : Distribution of Wings~~
i take photo with the same page again. i m a proud ipoh mali!!!
Quite a lot people would like to keep a copy of the magazine because the cover story is about our university president who is going to leave the university this August. According to many people, he has been a very good president for the university in the past 8 years. He will be going back to his laboratory after the contract with HKUST end.
about the article i wrote. i read the article again. i think that i can write a better one. the article i wrote was not the best. they made mistake in arranging the paragraphs, i didn’t notice it too. Alex complained that the photo for Penang is not suitable, i agreed and i notice it before but they cant find a photo that has the high resolution they need.
but i really glad i did something to promote my country. i love my country. sometimes i will feel a bit angry if the Hong Kong people talk something not good about Malaysia. Like in the TVB drama, they give impression that Malaysia or other ASEAN countries very ulu. How can like that, although Malaysia not a developed country yet, but at least Malaysia nurture a lot of talented people. It will always be a place i call home no matter how it turn out in the future. It’s a place that provide education and resources to raise me.
--------------------------This is a dividing line------------------------------
Went to visit Cisco System last Friday. The company is so cool!!
After introduction to the business strategy, engineers ask us to break into two groups, at first we thought they are going to bring us to see two different demonstrations. But guess what we saw in the room?
We saw the other group on the TV screen with 1:1 ratio~~
Cisco have two room with similar design, like a curved table of same colour, same wall colour and three camera with three giant high definition flat screen TV in their office in Hong Kong. They allow their employers to use this product if they are working in Cisco office in other country. They can have their family come over to Hong Kong office and talk over this video conference.
Day 9 : TelePresence! i was captured in a 1:1 ratio from the screen of the other room!!
can i have this so that i can call people i want and see the 1:1 ratio of them?? puhlease~~~~


  1. So u can see him much more clearly because he's so big ah XD

    Eh i never recall Ipoh de weather so nice de lo....dun bluff ppl la XD I bet u also got mention Ipoh produce lenglui leh...ngek ngek ngek...though that doesn't seem to apply to everyone... :p

    Not bad not bad, can reserve one copy for me ah...i pay u >.<

  2. y amnesia ah?? ipoh weather got very nice one ah..u know where is the place in the photo??

    i din so thick skin lor..say ipoh produce leng lui, althought this is the fact.

    you wan me mail to you?? if i keep, i will charge you inventory fee lor..


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