Wednesday, March 4, 2009

somewhere over the fog

hello papa mama, sorry for not telling you ahead that i m flying back to Malaysia for holiday in Cameron Highlands. some more i got to stay in this nice hotel with this very nice view of the forest. oh god, such a relax in the first quarter of the semester.
ok, i bluff only. you think i really so free and rich enough to fly back for vacation in Cameron Highlands ah??bu yao sa la.
today is just another foggy day in the winter(that supposed to end as March has come). The building you see is not hotel or apartment or condominium, it’s the university centre.
don’t know why the temperature drop just like the stock price this week, after 2 weeks of warm weather in February. everyone thought that winter is over and that we are going to have spring coming, then out of no where, the low temperatures come again.i have to quote suetli “al gore i believe in you” but you know i watch al gore presentation, very charismatic, but i think the one i watched is too commercial as he’s promoting his product one three of the time.
anyway, maybe al gore is convincing more and more people. out of no where, there are two green campaign starting on March. okay lar, not out of no where lar, the posters were up for a few days before the campaign started. One is this Everyday is No Plastic Bag Day campaign and another is this Get Less Rice campaign.
The No Plastic Bag means they won’t give you shopping bag when you go shopping. The first time i encounter this campaign is in Taiwan, that time i though it is so cool of them to start this campaign because they care about the environment. then there’s this time when we go 7-11 buy too much then cannot carry all back, then we have to pay to buy one 7-11 plastic bag to carry all the things. i think i still keep the plastic back at home. I do think not giving plastic bag is a good deed to the environment and to shoppers. You want to see the amount of plastic bag in my room??i hope that those plastic bags will bio-degrade in near future you know.
today i didn’t ask for less rice from the canteen although it’s Wednesday. Don’t think that little reduce in food consumption will do any great effects on me lor. furthermore only rebate one dollar, hello??you reduce one third of my rice but only rebate one dollar on the set that u charge me 20dollars. then hor only got rebate on Wednesday, means i have to waste food on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday lo. what if i don’t eat rice on Wednesday, then i will waste my noodles??
ah, whatever, dun want to waste too much time on this topic. go sleep better. night*off light*

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