Friday, March 6, 2009

anxiety and craziness and stupidness..kikshou

i am going to take my laptop to the service centre to repair because it has been giving me some problem in using it properly.
i don’t know what’s the exact problem because the technician in Malaysia cant give me the exact problem also, and because i am coming back to Hong Kong that time so i have to bring this laptop to Hong Kong to repair.
You know after the Edison Chan scandal thing, i also worry will the people who check my laptop be so free to read the content in my laptop. then i start deleting things and moving those files i need to my external hard disk. then i find that it’s too hard for me to do clear everything in my lappie and i am too lazy to finish the work also.
then i tell my boyfriend i am so busy deleting things and clearing the recycle bin. then also have to clear those password in the Firefox n stuff(of god, i just remember i have to clear IE and chrome also, wtf i install so many internet browser.*slap self). then i ask him will it be too 做作(i don’t know the English word!!argh) because my desktop will be so clean and empty. then later i remember that i save all the MSN conversation, what if the person come read the conversation then find out this girl wanted to delete her things, but then he still can find this conversation because i din bother to delete it, then her find that i m so funny n stupid, then he start laughing, then he keep on searching for stupid things i did on my laptop. how?? he keep telling me things like that won’t happen one, but i just have to delete it because i have been telling myself to do that when i know i am going to send my laptop for service.
then i also worried the person will ask me to pay for the service. if they need to change anything like the screen or motherboard or hard disk or whatever. because i am so poor now that i won’t waste few hundred dollar to repair my laptop lo, cause it’s not like totally not functioning. oh i feel like crying now. if he ask me to pay i think i’ll go scold the person “Wei, i m still under warranty ok, i don’t care i didn’t make my laptop go wrong, you just have to repair for me for free, if not i will complain to i don’t know which department.” then hopefully the person will say “okay i am very sorry miss, i’ll repair it for you miss, please don’t be angry” but i think this things won’t happen because i am under warranty.
oh god, why repairing laptop also i so worry. haih what if he find out this blog post also. ‘cause i bookmark my blog okay. haih, i know i am just being stupid. T______________________________T

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  1. walao eh u know what...u are juz really being paranoid...=.=

    after i read this post, i felt like i m reading someone's diary who lives in tanjung rambutan



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