Tuesday, March 24, 2009

of carrying bag

Day 6 : Yu Xuan you look so funny in this photo

lol. because i take no photo today, so have to take one during dinner. thanks yu xuan for being the object for the photo.

dinner with yu xuan, shiau aun, yee kae, len foong and berto is always full of fun, erm sometimes very cold also. shiau aun is the one with all the cold jokes =.="

on the way back to hall, i saw a guy holding his girlfriend’s bag in one hand and hold his girlfriend’s hand in another and i come up with this question : why hong kong guys so willing to carry their girlfriend’s bag? even those with girly design. it looks weird to me to see a guy carrying a bling bling bag in one hand and holding his girlfriend’s hand in another walking on the street in Mongkok. should i call them gentleman?


  1. well holding gf's handbag.. it's always guys' duty wat! hahahaha

  2. Erm...does holding my mom's handbag count? Coach bag damn nice to hold ma :p

    Waiting for mom to get an LV later XD

    Honestly, you girls shouldn't take this for granted. A little appreciation would do wonders than tauntrums just because we didn't do you so-called 'duty'.

    There's no such thing as 'duty' in that. A guy does that because he is willing to. We can always say no. (Dunno why damn emo when girls take guys effort for granted wtf)

  3. Coach nicer!!dun get LV lar..

    nice bag then nvm, what if those bling bling bling bag??

    haha..i never take this for granted because i never take any before..

  4. I was referring to the person who mentioned 'duty' lah.

    I know u damn ok de...coz i 'lecture' u so many times liao...ngek ngek ngek.

  5. haih..y u always take things so serious..read the hahahaha behind..

    n u dun lecture me..wtf..dun feel proud


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