Thursday, January 8, 2009

Oh Hai Central

oh hai, iz me..
i feel so touristy in Hong Kong this winter break..i feel so bad for not travelling properly around Hong Kong last year. when people ask me anything about Hong Kong, i only can answer "I don't know". how can like that..
they are very fun travelling partners, because you can take photos of them doing very funny

we first stop at Causeway Bay(CWB) to get maps from the Tourism Center near Exit F of the CWB MTR station. Since we were there, we decided to have lunch in the cha chaan teng Jasmine recommended during our trip to Ocean Park.

The cha chaan teng is called Lam Kee(南記粉麵) quite near to Times Square, locating on Hennessy Road, opposite to Pacific Coffee.
my beef noodle(肥牛米线)

len foong’s signature noodle(招牌面)can changed to spicy soup base.

berto’s spring roll noodle(春卷米线)
after lunch, we walked over to tram station to take tram. ‘cause it’s cheaper and can see scenery, better than the dark underground.
tram is kinda old in Hong Kong. they can change the destination signboard in front of the tram, see, got 17 signboard to change.

the back door, where you hop up the tram

this one at the back de wor..maybe in the past can drive in both direction..

the bullet alike building is IFC – dunno which building.
then we get down near Hang Seng Headquarter, walk back to to Central Market, ‘cause the entrance to Central-Mid Level Escalator is over there.

this is something i see on the wall of Central Market. click to see full size if you want to, doesn’t want to explain *shy
i bring len foong and berto to the Tai Cheong Bakery for the best egg tart in Hong Kong. Didn’t take photo ‘cause hand too busy eating. today i recommend Jasmine go eat, she also say very good.
then walk over to Kong Lee Sugar Cane. $7 per cup le, expensive. pasar malam rm1.50 one packet only. almost the same thing.

then walk over to Lan Fong Yuen..for milk tea.

didn’t dine in, just ask for milk tea take away.

very smooth milk tea. aroma very nice. really got different.

see the balcony with glass table and chair?? such a cute likey..

continue walking on Hollywood street =)

guess what is this crying red-baby..’s fire extinguisher

Man Mo Temple on Hollywood Street.

what do you call this??

random building. the wall very nice right??

ladder street. of course is a long flight of stairs. like those in HK drama

people hanging clothes by Hollywood Street. main street lai de weh..

Upper Lascar Row.

antics drawing. antics statue.

antics drawing. antics magazines and books. all on the floor

Seiyū from Doraemon

metal toys

no, i did not photoshop it to colour like this

old and heavy iron. old hair dryer(i wonder how old is it). old clock. old metal box. and some random old stuffs.

metal toys. got hand cuff summore. i used to have a metal bicycle toy.

now you see it

now you don’t

maggie cheung. when she is young

maggie cheung and some other people.

so many stuffs about the China ex-president Mao

the fun and cute couple looking at antics.


old specs. the frame so thin.

Buddha everywhere.

big brushes. for calligraphy

guess what is this.

it’s a clock!!!

Buddha of different material.

i am sure you know him!! the monkey king!!

four faces buddha. laughing and smiling face

erm…erm…close your eyes if you are under 18

erm…erm…can open eyes liao

i see no evil. i hear no evil. i speak no evil

this snoopy is definitely not antics. *shake head* no no no

tall buildings in Sheung Wan. oh did i tell you we walked all the way from Central to Sheung Wan??

wrong design

Wing Lok St.
is bird nest and ginseng street.

erm..cannot see all the signboard. but die die wan to put.
then later we went all the way over the straits to Mongkok to shop. the Mongkok that i haven’t been there for very long time.

got Ireland’s Potato in Mongkok. super many people queuing outside the stall. they only sell fries.
the day we went was the last day of winter sales. sales up to 70% okay?? so many people shopping. but din take photo ‘cause my hands are carrying shopping bags..haha..
ps: i finally finish this post. i used a few days to finish le..too many photos..
pps: i am going home tomorrow. and i haven’t finish packing, because my clothes are still in the dryer.
see you guys in Malaysia!!!

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  1. Ooh nice handcuffs, something nice for yiyang? Hehehehe

    Are you trying to imply Maggie Cheung is very old with that black and white pics? XD Very old weih, then Vivian how?? Sigh....

    What if we find one with weiqi inside!! xoxoxoxoxoxo


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