Friday, January 9, 2009

I am hot

literally hot and warm
because i am back in Malaysia
will be staying in KL for a few days before going back home
drop by KL Convention Center to meet me tomorrow or Sunday. i will be at the HKUST booth!!!!
ok la, i am very tired la. travelling for the whole day with my heavy luggage. stupid air asia do not let me check-in 2 luggage because i did not pay for the other one. that makes my hand-carry item increase to 3 pieces lo. so geram. i wonder when they will introduce this toilet-going-quota, u have to pay every time u go to toilet because they want to control the water they bring on board. wtf. i know this is ridiculous, please air asia don’t do this to us. we will hate you for that you know?? then no one will take your plane then you get no profit, not a win win situation, ok??
staying in Traders Hotel now. first time ever staying in 5 star hotel le. dun play play. they even put one lollipop in the bathroom to welcome us. lol.
haha..this is me playing with the bath robe. cannot meh?? haven’t wear before ma.
ok la, going to sleep la. tomorrow still need to wake up early.
bye bye la.
i am home la
so happy la
i sounds like berto la
watafaka la.


  1. LOL trying to do the bath robe scene??? XD

    Looks underaged....:p

  2. watafaka!
    is my trade mark saying,
    all right reserved for me too,
    i am charging u for copying me...

  3. "I am hot" Sounds soooo wrong.... xoxoxoxoxoxo


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