Monday, October 27, 2008

A piece of news

Just now was reading newspaper during dinner. There is two newspaper provided in the common room, one Chinese one English. I was flipping through the Chinese paper, MingPao as i want to check the TV programme. Then i read this news on the 2nd page of the paper. The news is so sad.
In case you didn't read Chinese, here a summary of the news. In every MTR station in Hong Kong, there's free newspaper or magazines everyday for their passenger when the enter the gate. Everyday there will be elderly waiting outside the gate, asking people who already get into the gate to get them a copy of the free newspaper or magazines(maybe a few copies), then they will collect them, later sell them to someone else. But after the recent financial crisis, the price for paper drop from $1.50 to $.050 per kg, so the elderly have to collect three times more to get the money that they used to get in the past. They fight in the MTR station, pushing and pulling, snatching from one another. OMG, why this is happening here??
Can you see how this society has become?? Although we always say children have to take care of their parents when they are old, but what is the real situation now??not everyone can afford to take care of their parents. They cant even take care of themselve, not to say their parents. The parents have to worry that the kids will be losing his job. This news is so sad, not everyone is leading a happy life, they are strugelling. Who can help them?? The government??

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