Saturday, October 25, 2008

i'm lavin' it (i can make mistake,kan??)

McD is like the largest chain fast food restaurant. I din go check the exact figure and facts, but i think it's almost there la, not the largest, also the second largest.

They say McD is the same in the world.There's not surprise to dine in McD. They run under the same system, they serve the same menu, each BigMac is suppose to taste the same in each McD in the world.
Ok la, they only almost have the same menu. They still localize the McD by adding some new stuffs into the menu of different countries. Like in Hong Kong, they have pork burger*clap hands* since when u can get pork burger in M'sia??never!! in M'sia there's bubur ayam.

Luckily they are still some differences between countries, if not, i dunno what will happen if each McD in the world is having this sign in their shop.

I bet that even Mr. Ronald McDonald don't know what is a "memu".

*photo taken in McD in Ocean Park, Hong Kong. Tourist attraction le, how can they make this type of mistake??*

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