Sunday, August 10, 2008

the weirdo friend

I rarely blog in this language like this one lor. Although my English no good, I still try to blog in correct English, try I mean only try, not guarantee 100% correct, so sometimes still got many problems here and there one.
Why I blog like this today le?? Because, I am going to write this post for one special person, and this person has very good English demand one, so I must do something contrast, then it will show how good is his. This is the first time I do this type of post, other people want also haven’t got the chance, so you must be very happy, not happy also must pretend happy, must give me face, ok??
today i m gonna introduce you to one of my friend. this friend of mine le, i know him not very long time only, almost 3 years lar. i know this guy from school choir in lower 6, that was a half year with many things happened, most of them are not very happy stuff, we go here and there and talk bad about people at people’s back, kaypoh here and there one. i wonder people involved in it will ever want to think about it again now. Anyway back to topic, i was introduced to him by kikshou, since we are the only few 6th former in the choir. then i also dunno why i friend him, so many leng zai out there, but why him har? he also not very leng zai anf super macho, ish.
So, as a good friend, i am going to talk bad about him in my blog, this is very rare chance, fast fast thank me* hold gun in hand*. this fella always bully me, always kik me in MSN, so I dun like to chat with him in MSN one, he always give me name, one time even give me one 10 words nickname, if he is not that far away, I sure go beat him one, all I can do is scold him. so I sm sure he sneeze a lot when he MSN with me one, used up a lot of tissue, not environmental friendly at all.
He hor, also very kikshou one. then there's this one time, i saw his father brought him lunch box after school, he was form 6 that time you know!!!so freaking scary, i thought he dunno how to buy food from the canteen. you know what's his reason??he say it was cheaper that way, he do not need to use his money to buy lunch. oi, u think petrol no need money ka?? Then hor, after that he throw away the box but keep the plastic bag, because he say much reuse the bag, adui, act environmentalist wor..
This fella got a blog one. He is very good at writing very very long punya post, read until my head also dizzy. He summore put his camwhore pictures in his blog. Not lenglui, also din wear bikini, nothing to see one, cheh.
Hahahahahaha…..enough of fooling around, must be serious.
Today is Mr. KWOK YUI’s birthday(no, kwok is not his surname). He’s turning 21 today*throw confetti* he is now legal to go gamble in Genting and legal to get marry(must invite me to yum zao,OK??)so he must be very happy today. and the things I wrote above is just to ejek you, cause you are very nice to ejek one, I let u ejek back when I birthday,OK??my birthday coming soon. *claps claps* I don’t hate you de, I love you very much one(not that kind of love, don’t misunderstand)
Remember the realmart thingy I posted that day?? He say he also want a gift. So here’s yours:
Philips Flash audio video player 8GB
y?? because it has the same name as you lor =)
and it can make a very good company when u wait for bus.

ps: remember to say thank you wor

1 comment:

  1. ThAnK YoU wEiQi... ^^

    Even though there are some parts that i would love to settle with u when i balik...but since this is a happy event, i'll leave it for a later date...XD

    Thanks for the Audio player wor... if u win remember to send it to me wor...

    Kik u means sayang u ma...if i dun kik u and dun choi u lagi cham leh... choose be kik or not be kik-ed. XD

    K la, appreciate it ^^

    Even i get mentioned at my birthday b4 Yiyang...u sure he ok anot? XD

    PS: I mana tak lengchai? U yim me not lengchai izzit??!! Hng.


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