Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Gold Gold Gold Ale Ale Ale!!!!!!

*updates: choong hann lost to Chinese Taipei player Hsieh Yu-hsing yesterday with 14-21, 21-17, 21-18 *

Beijing Olympics is here!!!!
so excited!!! this is the pride for thousands of Chinese no matter from China or overseas..although i am not able to watch it live in Beijing, but i m still so excited to see the athletes perform from the magic box at home =)
today i watched the gymnastic men's team..China got GOLD!!! they are so so so good, the swings, the jumps, the turn, everything..i specially adores one of the team member name Chen YiBing, he got such a nice smile, so warm and bright, so happy because he won..*claps*

chen yibing

and i must say, i m so so so so proud of Malaysia's badminton players...
Lee Chong Wei is in the quarterfinals!!!!yeah.. we are now one step closer to the medal!!!
i watched the last part of his match with singapore player Ronald Susilo, aww, he do play well, it has been a long time since i watched he play, i didn't watch the last Thomas Cup, but i missed his match with Lithuania's Kestutis Navickas, but never mind, he won anyway!!! so glad that he won!!!

lee chong wei

hopefully Wong Choong Hann will win tonight too, then we have more chance =)

so happy after he beat Taufik

you know what my brother tell me this morning? He says "Malaysia one gold, one silver, one bronze.................also don't have" adui, the joke is actually quite funny but yet feel so sad to hear it..but we have the hope to get a medal, the games is not end yet and we still have some players on the field.

Must support Malaysia!!!Malaysia for GOLD!!!Malaysia Boleh!!!

must be optimistic =)
photos from olympics official website, wikipedia and the star online

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