Sunday, July 6, 2008

Of movie n sunburnt

haha..i just don't want to neglet my blog too long..
actually have something to blog about, but that was just too personal and only a few friend of mine know about it. i do not want to talk about that anymore :(

i have been home for 3 weeks i think ( too happy until i dunno the shit)
watched a few movies in the cinema, since it's summer now and new movies showing almost every week..muahaha..i love summer sooooooooo much!!!!and the tickets are so much cheaper in Malaysia compare to HK..and i m watching a lot of early bird show(that's even much more cheaper, just RM6, baby..)
watched Get Smart(very funny,like it), Wanted(really exciting n unexpected plot,like it too) and Hancock(just so-so, not as many action as i expected, more of sentimental, my friends even feel sleepy in the begining of the show =.=" but still entertaining if u just wan to watch movie during ur school break,like me)
missed Kung Fu Panda, i wanted to watch Cantonese version since i watched the English version in KL(watched pirated DVD., don't tell people ar...) some terms are not well expressed using English, how can Kung Fu terms express well in English le, the movie was weird to watch in English, now i want to get the Cantonese version.

got sunburnt during my trip to Perak Tong n Gunung Lang n Penang..i m sensitive to the sunblock..the place i applied sunblock n later exposed under the sun are now swollen(red n painful)..this means i m a sun person, i and sunblock are never meant to be together T.T have to do whitening more lor...

Its almost 11pm..its time to sleep, so that tomorrow i can wake up early and go watch early bird show..hehe..


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