Friday, July 25, 2008

of me and dumbass

i am very sad and mad now.
some thoughtless people is making some comments about me, the way i work.
i know i made mistakes, but the report is not the final version, amendments can still be made, and i just throw out a suggestion since i was allow to do so according to the situation. if he really do not agree with the suggestion, he can just voice it out in a proper way, not in the way like questioning me and keep arguing with us like we are just thinking of the profit of ourself.
let me tell u, if i m to be a fishmonger, i will not give a single cent to you and i will ask a lot more from u, u dumbass.
if u say things have to do it right emotionally, right legally, and right logically. the u better rethink what u say. don't be bias and do not ever spread nonsense rumour around anymore. i bear with you because i think the fact will tell the truth. and i can provide with the facts. and when i provide with the facts, you questioned it in the first place, and later you bring up another problem.
i hope u know, u are not the one who decide everything. you are not the one who is correct all the time.
you dumbass

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