Monday, June 23, 2008

Of me and four wheels - Part I

I am kinda handicap now. Can’t go anywhere without someone driving me because my driving license expired 2 months ago and my parents were too busy to drive me to renew my license since I was back.
i missed the time i was allowed to drive(legally of course), i can go almost anywhere i want when i got the car. my parents especially my mum is always so worry about me driving around with my half-pail-water driving skill. i think in every parents heart, their kids are always a baby, even if they are old enough to get a driving license. She thinks it is too far for me to drive from home to Kinta City, which is about 20 minutes from home. And I was only allowed to drive there without her guidance twice in my about one year driving period I went for my study in Hong Kong.
Driving around was so much fun, although those places i go aren't very big variety, to school, my brothers' school, to shopping centers, and some shops around town. You can control a machine all by your own, from controlling the steering to steeping on acceleration pedal or the brake pedal, all the motion of the car on road will be control by the driver, that's awesome right??
I didn't get to obtain my license right after my 17 birthday because school exam is around the corner. I only get to attend the Undang talk after the final exams in around November 2005 and it was after my friend ask me to learn driving together. Ah Giap ask Weili and me to learn driving together since he knows a sifu who teach driving in town. We went for the Undang talk one Thursday after school .I do not know where we got that courage and confident, Weili and i decided to take the test on the coming Saturday morning which means we only had 1 days to prepare for the test. I think the Friday was some graduation day or some ceremony which i forgot now, the two of us stay back stage to study our undang. I lived with the two undang books for the whole Friday and the hard work paid off with the two of us passed the test at our 1st attempt =)

After getting my L license(which allow me to drive in the learning center and on road when i am accompany by my driving sifu), i did not start my driving lesson immediately because i am going on a youth trip to Taiwan for 3 weeks in December. I only got to start my driving lessons in January the next year.

I was not a very good driver at first. Giving very slow respond to what the sifu tell me. After a few lessons, i improved, at least a bit compare to my first two lessons. I followed every word my sifu told me, what to do when i get in a car, what to do before i start the engine and stuffs. Then i understand why a lot of my friends enjoy driving automatic car instead of manual car, driving a manual car was so fussy with all the gear thingy.

The greatest problem in my learning process is "dead-fire" which means my engine will be switched off in the middle of the road with some unknown reasons. The most places i let my car dead-fire is at the traffic lights and at the junctions where i have to break. I was bad at my coordination with my legs and left hand, i do not know when to step of the gear pedal and then the brake pedal and also change to gear number 1, braking without stepping on the gear pedal caused the engine died. I was so nervous all the time because i was at the junctions, cars were lining up behind me waiting to move on, i was so nervous until i do not know what to do, my sifu have to calm me and tell me to restart my engine. Sorry to all the cars that have waited for me in the lines before, i am much better now. No more dead-fire in the middle of the road.

Another thing my sifu not liking about me is me driving too fast. As a driving sifu, he expects his students to drive at tortoise speed, anything faster than 60km/h is fast to him. He even tells Weili i was driving too fast when we had our lesson together. I began to wonder was it because i was learner cum a girl, that's why i m not allow to drive fast, or just simply he can’t take his student driving fast because he feel his life threaten???

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