Saturday, June 21, 2008

home sweet home 2.0

finally i am sitting at home, in front of the computer with the slower Streamyx watching dramas, and the digital clock on the computer screen is showing 2.44 in the morning.

it has been 5 days since i came home. things are mostly same, but with some slight difference.
#1 my home sweet home is still the same, but with extra pot of bamboo and a small fountain in my living room now
#2 The shopping mall is still the same but with some new shops opening, more brands having their outlets in Ipoh..but not any cheaper to buy it in Ipoh.
#3 pasar malam still the same, with those same old stalls that sell the same old nice food..bwahaha..but i saw some nrew stalls selling new things, shall try them out next time
#4 Ipoh still the place that produce leng zai n leng lui. spot a lot of leng zai at pasar malam..bwahaha...although leng zai in Ipoh is not as well-dressed as Hong Kong boys, but they are still leng zai..haha..
#5 many lands were cleared for constructions, for shopping center, shop lots and housing estates. Ipoh maju =) and i m looking forward for the new shopping mall

conclusion: ipoh still the best place XD

ps: i mentioned shopping too much in this blog, i m crazy

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