Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Please do a favour for me, thank you

That day i was discussing some relationship problem with a friend of mine. She asked me on how boys look at relationship. How i wished i could tell her, but i couldn't. I just don't understand them.
Can any of my male friends or reader who are reading this answer my few question???

#1 What are you looking for in a relationship??just some excitement or some long lasting affection??
#2 Why are you starting a relationship??In what condition you'll start a relationship?? (when you know that relationship may end because of long distance)

Please leave me a comment or email me @ or MSN me if u have my MSN.
Please do not leave comments at my cbox, it will not be visible after some times. We will lost track of what you say..

We need guys to help out clearing this question for us. Many thanks.


  1. Honestly this is one of the toughest question one can ask in life. Simply because the demands differ from each individual. One may prefer companionship, the other may prefer just having a girl just because everybody has one and he can't lost out. One may look for a long lasting relationship, while the other just wants to try out new stuff; One may look for sex, while the other might just be looking for sincerity. There is no clear answer. THe best one is what that person himself feels.

    Similiarly, like me, i'm looking for someone that would just be there, cheer me up, make me feel wanted, liked and adored. Someone who really loves me for who i am. Someone that would really get into my skin, and affect me eventually as a person. Someone i would want to hug, kiss and not being shy to this matter, spend the nights with. Honestly, that is something important, you wouldn't want to be with someone who you can't even look at? It's not fair to her, neither to yourself. It seems harsh but in the long run, it's really sensible. Because in the end, i want to marry once, and only with someone i really, really like. No point compromising.

    Ok. To start a relationship. It's got to be attraction, and response from the opposite side. No point clapping one side of your hands. Things have to work. And now i find making friends and being nice to someone would work better than just confessing without even knowing someone well enough is foolhardy. Things fall into place automatically, you'll feel that there's no need to anticipate or just do things just because you wanted to impress someone. (well, birthdays erm, yeah u have to) Somehow you'll feel the connection, and you'll think of that person, and being with them is as easy as being with anyone you know, words come out smoother, you laugh, you smile, you are comfortable. And things just get better. That is when it might be possible.

    Ending is not something predictable. Be it a 3rd party, long distance. Anything. But the point is that the feeling's lost. You don't feel attached anymore, somehow being alone is better off. That is when things end. Men are cruel, yes. But why tag on with someone who isn't interested in you anymore? Why drag the pain on and on? There might be a chance, it can be saved, but it happened once, it will, or might happen again. Sometimes it's hard, but personally i haven't dumped anyone, but i can see how ppl do it. Cruelly might be the kindest. Being nice is the cruellest.

    Hopefully this helps. ^^

    Msn me if u need better description.

  2. Combine all the answers and you get the real answer.

  3. but not many people reply me, except takemoto...*sad


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