Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bright Morning

Good Morning everyone!!!

Another fresh day started, with the sunshine again =)

and with my breakfast : crispy pineapple sponge cake and MILO..yeah..MILO...
life was totally different from last semester where i was depress all the time because i cant get my Milo..haha..just joking..not depress, but just not used to the days where i cant drink milo...
My dad used to complain that we spend too much on Milo each month, because me and my mum will have Milo for breakfast, for tea and for supper..hahaa..

finally get my China visa done, can be collected this Friday, but i shall collect it after my exams, probably next Friday, along with my student visa. Since the two building are just two blocks away.

Found out something interesting yesterday when i was at WanChai. I saw the Wan Chai police station, where we can always see in TVB dramas. A architecture from the English, i think. Too bad i din take any photo, do not want to become another topic to be talked about for the boys..
i wonder why cant we take photo??Jasmine got ejek because she want to stop and take photo..I took a lot of photo with Dinuka last time we went there for student visa. The look and feel is so different from HKUST. It's so downtown here in UST, but you get tall buildings, cars, buses in Wan Chai. Just as a memory. y not??

many things that i want to say, shall continue in another post, in Chinese

so long.

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